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What’s that Creampuffs? You’d like to see Elise and Kaitlyn on an episode of Pillow Talk Monday on the thegaywomenchannel? No problem!

Sarah and Adrianna talk all things Carmilla this week and it’s all kinds of awesome - check it out!

This was so fun to watch, and Elise is so cute with “my favorite vampire is the count from Sesame Street” XD what about Alice from Twilight tho? 

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OMG HE’S ADORABLE!!!! *dies of cute overload*

You have no idea how hard it was to find the REAL one. Why the hell are people reposting a video of a baby that isn’t theirs?!…Oh. Right. Just like art. Srsly.

freudianslip13 I have a good feeling that if his hair wasn’t blond he could pass for one of the twins, no? Blond still works tho ;D


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