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expanding on the fanfiction by TwiddleSpire that inspired this artwork of mine, the basic gist is that there is a legacy of Snow Queens throughout the ages. the story implied that Snow Queens choose heirs before their passing, meaning there were other snow queens before Elsa.

The origin of the Snow Queen is unknown, though bringing and ushering in the winter months is part of their nature. once mastery over their abilities is achieved, Snow Queens can mask their age, making them look way younger than they appear, for most of them are particularly vain. A Snow Queen can only appoint a successor once the Queen senses imminent death. Only females can be Snow Queens, and they usually live long lives.

1. Masia: (not the first snow queen) the daughter of a wealthy merchant from Egypt; her parents and her community see her powers as witchcraft. She was deemed an outcast from society until she used her powers to exacerbate an extreme heat wave in her land. the people were thankful for her and respected her from then on, but Masia has always been called on towards “The North” so travelled towards Spain and settled on the Pyrenees where she honed her powers and her duties to nature. She is a kind, benevolent Snow Queen who often helps lost travellers in trekking through the Pyrenees ranges.

2. Matilda: A Noblewoman in Tudor England. Once her father found out about her powers, she was raised to be a weapon of war for the kingdom. She developed a mean streak and frigid personality due to this. but most of the royal court sees her powers as a threat both to the Church and to the Crown, so to save his own skin, she was discreetly disowned and sent away from England. Matilda travelled all over Europe and Asia, bringing and controlling winter but never went back to her homeland till her death. 

3. Francesca: an Italian Heiress and Renaissance woman, she is well educated in the arts and sciences. her parents had known about her abilities and encouraged her to improve and hone her powers. she was living an idyllic life till she and her family were arrested for witchcraft accusations. She managed to escape her prison and fled Italy. after being gone for awhile, she went back to try to save her parents only to find out that they died in jail, so she banished herself to the Swiss Alps and became a depressed and lonely Snow Queen, cursing her powers for ruining her life.

4. Annika Nikolaevna: is a Russian Countess. orphaned at a very young age and spoiled by her minders, she developed an eccentric personality. Because she was kept being told to conceal her powers, Annika soon rebelled and ran away from her home and all her responsibilities to pursue her calling to the winter. She travelled around Europe on her sled to bring winter, as is her nature. she made her new home in Spitsbergen, North of Scandinavia and due to her loneliness occasionally spirits away children for company, always longing for love just like her predecessors. her last companion, Kai, along with his friend, Gerda. became servants to Arendelle’s Royal Family later in life.

All Snow Queen designs are based on Disney’s Frozen Concept Art



Anonymous asked:

Who will be dominant in bed, Elsa or Anna? I'd wager it would be Anna.Elsa is the powerful figure when she is in the right mindset, but when lust and arousal takes over her mind, she becomes a slave to Anna. what do you think?


I see we’ve moved on from the “when will they have sex” to “who will be on top” question. 

Use your imagination. It’s probably quite a bit more creative than mine. 

Second that! Basically Elsa IS like a man - when aroused her brain malfunctions XD

Your Authority - Elsanna smut fic


*Reads order* so I’ve got here an order with one sexy-ass dom!queen wearing black, one obedient and not-as-innocent-as-she-looks sub!princess, role-play-but-not-really-cause-they’re-rping-as-themselves royal sisters and a side of a commanding Queen voice.

Who’s order was it again?

“It would seem that I have fallen desperately in love with Her Majesty,” Anna admitted with a little more resolve in her voice. “My thoughts consist of only you. Your beauty, your kindness, your calm exterior; it haunts my dreams at night and causes me to pleasure myself. Even your tone of voice when you are meeting with your council is enough to send shivers down my spine.”

Elsa’s eyes widened slightly at the final confession. So that was why her sister had been refusing to join her in political meetings. She wasn’t scared of her authoritative tone; it was her guilty pleasure.


“Oh, dear, that’s not good,” the snow queen cooed, her voice was still filled with the same, regal tone of voice she used with her council members. Only she decided to add a small amount of seductive flare to the mix. It seemed to have the desired effect she had been looking for, since the princess standing at the foot of the small flight of steps tensed ever so slightly as her arms prickled with goose bumps. “I will have to punish you myself for such a disgraceful act.”


Elsa’s grin seemed to widen as a devious thought materialized in her mind. She gently scraped her nail through the auburn curls concealing her younger sister’s nether regions and retracted her hand, leaving the princess to groan in frustration as her eyes pinched shut. “I think the best way for you to be…cleansed of your little sin is if you indulge in it directly.”

Anna peeked at her sister and whimpered slightly. “I-Indulge in it? What do you mean by that, Your Majesty?”

A low purr threatened to escape Elsa’s lips as she gazed up at her lover’s blushing face. She motioned to the floor with her free hand. “Kneel.”

The red head silently knelt down so she was on her knees in front of the queen’s lap. She had no idea what her sister was thinking, but whatever it was excited her. She could smell the blonde’s own arousal emanating from underneath her dress and found the warmth between her legs increasing. God, she wanted to taste her so badly.

“You seem to want something,” the queen teased. “Might I ask what that something is?”

Anna felt her mouth begin to water slightly as she gazed up into her sister’s darkened eyes. “Y-Yes, Your Majesty. I-I-”

She didn’t get to finish. A sudden burst of icy cold air swirled around her body as her sister summoned a frost tornado to encircle the red head. It wasn’t extremely cold, but it had definitely shocked the younger girl enough to let out a small squeak of surprise and arousal.

“Yes, Mistress,” Elsa corrected the younger girl. The dark beast inside of her growled as it waited for its new title to be spoken.

Anna felt her body begin to shake with anticipation and arousal. The heated knot twisting in her abdomen was turning into a tight spring at the sound of her sister’s dominating demeanor and the authority dripping from her melodic voice. At this rate, she wasn’t going to last long.

She swallowed again as a bead of sweat rolled down her face. “Y-Yes, Mistress, if I might be so bold to ask; could I…” She couldn’t say it. The way her sister was leering at her caused her voice to falter.

And NOW it has art ;)

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